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AFS Ambulances

We were assigned to various clinics and hospitals throughout the Middle East and came in to HQ [Headquarters] for a few days each month. While in Baalbek, we were billeted in the Gouroud Barracks, previously occupied by the French Foreign Legion. The barracks were very cold in winter with no heat, and barely sanitary. Also billeted there were Senegalese troops. In the afternoons, they played soccer; the winning team got the privilege of guard duty that night. They loved to carry a gun and challenge us as we came to the gate. Location: AFS HQ [American Field Service Headquarters], Baalbek, Lebanon, Winter.

AFS Ambulances in Convoy in the Blowing Sand

It was rough going. We ("Fox" Edwards and I) had a wounded German soldier on a stretcher in our ambulance. He was in great pain, so we had to go slowly. We fell behind our unit and found ourselves overtaken by the speeding, churning, and rumbling vehicles of the 10th Corps. All medical units were on the move, so there was no place to leave him. His condition looked pretty bad.

AFS Ambulances Loading Blood onto Hospital Ship

Note that the dock is a ramp constructed on top of a sunken ship, lying on its side in the mud of Tripoli Harbor. The blood had been obtained from volunteers like us, in exchange for a can of beer. The hospital ship was probably preparing for the invasion of Italy. We were soon to follow. Location: Tripoli Harbor.