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AFS Ambulances in Convoy in the Blowing Sand

AFS Ambulances in Convoy in the Blowing Sand Photo: John C. Cobb, courtesy AFS Archives, NY.
It was rough going. We ("Fox" Edwards and I) had a wounded German soldier on a stretcher in our ambulance. He was in great pain, so we had to go slowly. We fell behind our unit and found ourselves overtaken by the speeding, churning, and rumbling vehicles of the 10th Corps. All medical units were on the move, so there was no place to leave him. His condition looked pretty bad.
  • License: Courtesy of the Archives of the American Field Service and AFS Intercultural Programs (AFS Archives.) Click on the link above for information regarding the rights and reproduction policies of this specific item.
  • Creation Date: 1943 March
  • Creator: Cobb, John Candler, II, 1919-
  • When: WWII
  • Category of People: WWII Driver
  • Subject: Tunisia