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Quiet After the Battle of El Alamein

Quiet After the Battle of El Alamein Photo: John C. Cobb, courtesy AFS Archives, NY.
On leave, I had this view from my bedroom window, and a leisurely breakfast served at this table. Contemplating this scene, I wondered what kind of power could those Pharaohs have had that allowed them to force so many subjects or slaves to cut, haul and stack so many huge stone blocks just to make one man’s memorial pyramid-tomb? How did they manage to stay in power so many centuries? Location: Mena House, near Cairo, Egypt.
  • License: Courtesy of the Archives of the American Field Service and AFS Intercultural Programs (AFS Archives.) Click on the link above for information regarding the rights and reproduction policies of this specific item.
  • Creation Date: 1942 November
  • Creator: Cobb, John Candler, II, 1919-
  • When: WWII
  • Category of People: WWII Driver
  • Subject: Egypt