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Chinese Cuisine

The Chinese cuisine we ate everyday was not what we expected.

  • Creator: Depaulis, Anne
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We Are Your Loyal Red Guards

Chinese students were free to mingle with us but we were aware of being watched all the time.


  • Creator: Depaulis, Anne
  • Category of People: AFSer

The Chinese and The French

At some point, I had to remind the Administration of my college that I was supposed to teach as well as study. All vacancies for English teachers were filled so they decided, with my consent, to set up a French class.

  • Creator: Depaulis, Anne
  • Category of People: AFSer


From Rednecks to Red China is a collection of anecdotes related to my stay in Beijing in 1986, which I started to write in the late 90's. I was fortunate enough to be part of a brand new AFS programme with China, sixteen years after my year in high-school in Texas.

  • Creator: Anne Depaulis
  • Category of People: AFSer

The AFS Song


The AFS motto "Walk Together, Talk Together" is taken from the ancient Sanskrit proverb

Walk together, talk together,
all ye peoples of the earth;
then and only then
shall ye have peace.

It was used in AFS publications as early as 1952 and widely used in the 1960s. There were several songs.

Comtesse de la Villestreux (postcard)

The Comtesse de la Villestreux and the members of the Hottinguer family put the estate and private park in 21 rue Raynouard in Paris at the disposal of the American Ambulance Field Service (later known as the "American Field Service") for use as their headquarters in 1916.
  • Creator: Unknown
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Drivers after lunch at 21 rue Raynouard

Edward O. Bartlett, the inspector of equipment of cars at the AFS headquarters and former member of Section Sanitaire [États-] Unis (SSU) 4, is at the far left.
  • Creator: France.Army.Photographic Section.
  • Category of People: WWI Driver

Christmas Eve at 21 rue Raynouard

In 1917, after the organization was absorbed into the U.S. military after the entry of the United States into the war, 157 former AFS Drivers gathered together for a Christmas Eve celebration at 21 rue Raynouard in Paris, France.  The walls and ceiling of the villa were hung with holly and Christmas greenery, and many candles were lit and placed on several Christmas trees.  The AFS men drank champagne, and ate plum pudding and turkey, ending the evening with songs.
  • Creator: Ellis, H.C.
  • Category of People: WWI Driver